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Travelling Dutch programmes

DialoguE Travelling Dutch programmes are designed to provide you with the key skills, tools and terminology for an unforgettable journey in a Dutch country. Whether you need assistance with writing Dutch correspondence or need to expand your knowledge of tourism vocabulary, DialoguE and its team of specialist Travelling Dutch trainers are uniquely placed to assist you.

Travelling Dutch Focus
Learn to speak Dutch for travel to Dutch countries and to speak with your friends and neighbors. You will learn the essential Dutch words and phrases to help you communicate clearly and avoid cultural mishaps as you travel in the Dutch-speaking world. You'll get specific tips on the language, customs, and culture of Dutch countries.

Travelling Dutch Topics available include, for example:

  • Taking a Taxi,
  • Getting around,
  • Getting directions,
  • Asking questions about accommodations,
  • Making reservations,
  • Making requests and asking questions (about the place, maid services, checking out),
  • Making travel plans,
  • Making changes, etc.
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