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To me that was the biggest advantage of Dialogue. I could choose the focus of my course. I chose speaking and I certainly got it! During lessons, meals and even coffee breaks I spoke Dutch. It was extremely intense but exactly what I needed to improve my confidence. The people were lovely and the meals delicious.

As the course was not sponsored by my company I had to pay for it myself. For that reason I did a lot of research into the intensive Dutch courses on offer. I chose Dialogue because it was the only one that provided private lessons at a reasonable price. (...)

Susan Rooke



When asked about my experience at Dialogue-Brussels, the first thing I shall cite is the spectacular progress enabled by the Dialogue method. I arrived ten days ago with no ability to speak and only a passing knowledge of a few words and grammatical structures. To my delight, Dialogue delivered fully on what they promised: now I can read, listen to and comprehend Dutch conversation, and -- most importantly -- express my own thoughts all at an intermediate level or above. As a result of the immersion method, last night I even dreamed in Dutch. (...)

Susan Avril




"My partner is from the Netherlands, hence I had a strong desire to learn the language, especially for the sake of the future children.
So I chose to do a 2 week intensive full immersion course with Dialogue. Wow, and it was just that intensive! My knowledge of the language was next to nothing : extreme beginner level. Also, it was my first foreign language. Right from the first moment I met my instructors, it was all Dutch!
The method is extremely effective as it teaches the language from all aspects – written, oral comprehension and oral expression along with grammatical skills. I have learnt many things in the last 2 weeks without even knowing it- its is a building process. I am happy to be able to comprehend a lot and, with further self study look forward to boost my confidence in the area of oral expression. Well done to Jan and Marc, my teachers, who where excellent at what they did and taught from the heart. Thanks again for giving me the basis to build upon in the future."

Melanie Iwanson
Sydney Australia


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